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Former PhD students of the Cretan Matter Waves Group

Grigoris Konstantinidis

09/2007 to 01/2012 PhD Student on BEC1
11/2006 to 08/2007 Master Student on BEC1

Grigoris joined the Cretan Matter-Waves Group in November 2006 as a Master student. He graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. October 2005 he came to the Physics Departement of the University of Crete to do a Master in General Physics with a specialization in Condensed Matter Physics.

Gregory succesfully defended his thesis (link to pdf) on the 25. January 2012.


Melina Pappa

Vasiliki Bolpasi

05/2014 –    today    Postdoc on BEC2
02/2009 – 04/2014 PhD Student
09/2006 – 06/2008 Master Student

Vasiliki was born in (
. She joined the Cretan Matter-Waves Group in October 2005 as an undergraduate student. She graduated from the Physics Department of the University of Crete in October 2006. Right after that, she started her Master in Optoelectronics – Microelectronics in the University of Crete, where she completed her master thesis working on high-power tapered-diode lasers. She has recently finished her PhD on high flux atom lasers and now she works in our lab as a postdoc.

Lykourgos Bougas

03/2006 to 05/2014 PhD student on parity violation
05/2004 to 05/2006 Master student on parity violation

Lykourgos received his PhD from the Physics Department of the University of Crete. His thesis was supervised by Peter Rakitzis and Wolf von Klitzing.


His first postdoc at Berkeley was on a parity violation. He is now doing a second postdoc with Dmitry Budker’s Group in Mainz.


His motto is

Improving your self, is the only thing you can do to improve the world.

Ludwig Wittgenstein