MSci Project in Cavity-Enhanced Microscopy (CEMIC)

The Research Objective

We have recently discovered a novel optical cavity, which permits us to image the light inside the cavity. This permits for the first time to use cavity enhancement in imaging microscopy, resulting in unprecedented sensitivity to both refractive index and absorption.

More details can be found on the CEMIC project page.

The PhD/Master Project

The PhD or Master student will work with a team of optics specialists (Prof. Dimitri Papazoglou, Prof Peter Rakitzis, Mikis Mylonakis) to design and implement a cavity-enhanced microscope. It will be tested on a range of samples from solid state physics (graphene or nano-particles in collaboration with Prof. Maria Vamvakaki) and biology (in collaboration with Prof. Nektarios Tavernarakis). The student(s) will work under the supervision of Wolf von Klitzing and Dimitri Papazoglou and/or Peter Rakitzis.

The position


The master position will be a scholarship of 500EU/month. No taxes apply. Health care is provided.


The successful candidate will receive a PhD studentship of 850EU to 950EU net, depending on country of origin and background. Health care is provided. Special provisions for Greek Engineers can be negotiated.