Our Colloquium for Review of Modern Physics has been accepted!

Colloquium: Atomtronic circuits: From many-body physics to quantum technologies

Rev. Mod. Phys. (Link)
Luigi Amico, Dana Anderson, Malcolm Boshier, Jean-Philippe Brantut, Leong-Chuan Kwek, Anna Minguzzi, and Wolf von Klitzing

Accepted 13 June 2022


Atomtronics is an emerging field that aims to manipulate ultracold atom moving in matter wave circuits for both fundamental studies in quantum science and technological applications. In this colloquium, we review recent progress in matter-wave circuitry and atomtronics-based quantum technology. After a short introduction to the basic physical principles and the key experimental techniques needed to realize atomtronic systems, we describe the physics of matter-waves in simple circuits such as ring traps and two-terminal systems. The main experimental observations and outstanding questions are discussed. We also present possible applications to a broad range of quantum technologies, from quantum sensing with atom interferometry to future quantum simulation and quantum computation architectures.