My favourite CPV Codes

CPV Codes

CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) codes have been developed by the European Union specifically for public procurement. Their main purpose is to help procurement personnel to classify their contract notices consistently and correctly and to help suppliers find the notices which are of interest to them by using a standardised vocabulary.
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Interesting Codes

  1. Golf putting partner (37471900)
    (What would I do without my Golf putting partner, paid for via public procurement!)
  2. Supporting services for the government (75130000)
    –   Government services (75131000)
    (Good to know that the government will not have problems with CPV.)
  3. Executive services (75111100)
    (Specifically for our very best friends)
  4. Landscaping work for cemeteries (45112714)
    (Because that is very different from municipal gardens?)
  5. Polarising material -> Mirrors (38622000)
    (Yes, apparently only polarizing mirrors exist!)
  6. Blade impellers for mechanical stirrers (38436510)
  7. Machines for the production of plastic windows and frames (42994100)
    (The public needs machines for producing plastic windows or frames?)

Missing Codes

  • Lasers
  • Lenses