BEC started as a novel kind of Ioffe-Pritchard trap using ring-shaped coils rather than traditional Ioffe bars [1]. In this trap, we have demonstrated a new type of atom laser, which beats the flux limit of traditional weakly coupled atom lasers by about one order of magnitude [2].

Unfortunately, recently one of our magnetic field coils was destroyed due to earlier problems with the quality of the cooling water.  Vasiliki and Premjith  recently have converted the Ioffe trap into a QUIC trap without any changes to the coils themselves.  We are now going to apply our adiabatic potentials to this system with view to finding a more convenient method of analysing phase fluctuations in elongated condensates.

[1] A gradient and offset compensated Ioffe-Pritchard trap for Bose-Einstein condensation experiments V. Bolpasi, J. Grucker, M. J. Morrissey, and W. von Klitzing Journal Of Physics B   45   235301 (2012) [link]

[2] An ultra-bright atom laser V. Bolpasi, N. K. Efremidis, M. J. Morrissey, P. Condylis, D. Sahagun, M. Baker, and W. von Klitzing New Journal of Physics   16   033036 (2014) [link]