Selected Publications

Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 170402 (2021) S. Pandey, H. Mas, G. Vasilakis, and W. von Klitzing  Our latest PRL entitled “Atomtronic
Elgar interferometer sequence
Our paper on the detection of gravitational waves using ground-based matterwave interferometers has just been accepted by Classical and Quantum
G. Drougakis, K. G. Mavrakis, S. Pandey, G. Vasilakis, K. Poulios, D. G. Papazoglou, and W. von Klitzing CEAS Space Journal
Saurabh Pandey et al. Nature 570:7760 205--209 (2019)
Nature 570 205–209 (2019) S. Pandey, H. Mas, G. Drougakis, P. Thekkeppatt, V. Bolpasi, G. Vasilakis, K. Poulios, and W.
preprint at (1810.07609) (pdf) Abstract:When a Bose-Einstein condensate rotates in a purely harmonic potential with an angular frequency which
Our latest paper on the spectroscopy between dressed levels of rubidium atoms is out on arXive (pdf). Abstract: We study
Applied Optics 57 9863 (2018)  M. Mylonakis, S. Pandey, K. G. Mavrakis, G. Drougakis, G. Vasilakis, D. G. Papazoglou, and
AIP Advances 8 095020 (2018)   S. Pandey, H. Mas, G. Drougakis, K. G. Mavrakis, M. Mylonakis, G. Vasilakis, V.
New Journal of Physics 18 075014 (2016) Matter wave interferometer in TAAP potentials using state selective manipulation of the atoms.
Proceedings SPIE (2016) Selective matter wave interferometers using TAAPs and atom-chips.
Rom. Rep. Phys. 67 295 (2015): An analysis of Adiabatic Potentials and Atom Lasers in the presence of gravity.
Experimental Astronomy 39:2 167-206 (2015) Design of a space-based matter wave interferometer for the STE-QUEST mission.
New Journal of Physics 16 033036 (2014) The world's brightest atom laser
Physical Review A 89 052127 (2014) Fundamentals of cavity-enhanced polarimetry for parity-nonconserving optical rotation measurements.
Classical And Quantum Gravity 31 115010 (2014) A space-mission proposal: STE-QUEST-test of the universality of free fall using cold atom
Physical Review A 87 043637 (2013) A matter wave state prepared to autofocus and accelerate.
Optics Communications 290 110-114 (2013) A simple and highly reliable laser system for cold atom experiments
Journal of Physics B   45   235301 (2012) V. Bolpasi, J. Grucker, M. J. Morrissey, and W. von Klitzing
Central European Journal of Physics 10 1054--1058 (2012) calibrating atom numbers