Selected Publications

Wolf’s colloquium at Laser-Lab Europe is online
PRL: Atomtronic Matter-Wave Lensing to pico-Kelvin temperatures
Elgar interferometer sequence
Our paper on gravitational wave detection is accepted !
Precise and robust optical beam steering for space optical instrumentation
Saurabh Pandey et al. Nature 570:7760 205--209 (2019)
NATURE: Hypersonic Bose–Einstein condensates in accelerator rings
Our paper on the Fragility of the Laughlin states is accepted in PRA
Microwave spectroscopy of radio-frequency dressed 87Rb now on arXive
Simple precision measurements of optical beam sizes
Antireflection coated semiconductor laser amplifier for Bose-Einstein condensation experiments
Matter-wave interferometers using TAAP rings
Towards rotation sensing with a single atomic clock
Adiabatic Potentials and Atom Lasers
Design of a dual species atom interferometer for space
An ultra-bright atom laser
Fundamentals of cavity-enhanced polarimetry for parity-nonconserving optical rotation measurements: Application to Xe, Hg, and I
STE-QUEST-test of the universality of free fall using cold atom interferometry
Accelerating and abruptly autofocusing matter waves
A simple and highly reliable laser system for cold atom experiments
A gradient and offset compensated Ioffe–Pritchard trap for Bose–Einstein condensation experiments
Atom number calibration in absorption imaging at very small atom numbers