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Collimation of laser beams from optical fibers

An ESA milestone reached.

Our ESA Space-Optics project has reached a major milestone:  We have finished the development of a novel beam collimation technique, which works allows us to adjust the waist of the laser beam emitted from a fibre coupler to an arbitrary position simply by maximising the peak intensity of the laser beam at some other position.

ZERODUR collimator

This is a fiber collimator manufactured from the ultra-low expansion material ZERODUR.

In order to make the coupler space-compatible it is manufactured from ultra-low-expansion ceramics (ZERODUR) and has no moving parts.

Our Atom Laser is a news star

Our Ultra-Bright Atom Laser has selected the article as a New Journal of Physics Highlight of the year 2014. has published a nice semi-popular article about the paper. The New Scientist has also written a rather popularized article about our atom laser.
Note that we have not been given access to any of these articles before publication and are not responsible for its rather imaginative content.


An article in Greek can be found in a number of newspapers, e.g. at and
Article at Kerdos and  Article at

Sigma Live also have made a video interview in Greek about the atom laser.