CARIOQA-PMP: Preparing for the first Atom-Quantum-Sensor in space

CARIOQA-PMP (Cold Atom Rubidium Interferometer in Orbit for Quantum Accelerometry – Pathfinder Mission Preparation) aims at developing a new technology to be used in space within the next decade: quantum accelerometer. Such technology will be used for satellite-based Earth science in order to monitor climate change and thus support the development of mitigation and adaption measures.

The technology developed within the CARIOQA-PMP framework aims to be tested during a spatial mission: the Quantum Pathfinder Mission. In addition to the development of an engineering model for the space mission instrument and the development, improvement and testing of critical technologies, CARIOQA-PMP will also establish a technical and programmatic roadmap for quantum space gravity missions. This roadmap will be shared and validated by European stakeholders. It will ensure that the impact of the project’s results is maximised through its harmonisation with the European programmatic framework.

CARIOQA-PMP brings together leading players from five EU countries. These include experts in satellite instrument development (AirbusExailTELETELLEONARDO), quantum sensing (LUHSYRTELP2NLCARONERAIESL/FORTH), space geodesy, Earth sciences and users of gravity field data (LUH, TUMPOLIMIDTU), as well as impact maximization and impact assessment experts (PRAXI Network/FORTHG.A.C. Group). The pathfinder mission preparation is coordinated by the French and German space agencies CNES and DLR under CNES lead.

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