Overview over open Positions

Latest News:

18.06.2022: We have a new MARIE-CURIE PhD Position available: We have just received a brand new Marie Curie PhD Position for an international student to join us! Please contact Wolf von Klitzing for details.

Open Positions:

We have a number of open Master, PhD and postdoc positions on the following projects:

The Team

The Master/PhD Students will work in a closely knit team with fellow students, post-docs and leading experts in the field. As in any complex state-of-the-art experiment, teamwork is very important, with a strong emphasis on helping each team member to give their best.

Training and Career Support

The matter waves team is a young and dynamic group of highly talented students and post-docs from all over the world. We provide extensive training, through regular group seminars, international summer-schools, workshops and conferences. On-the-job training forms a crucial part of the education of our students and postdocs. This entails working closely with established experts and at the same time having enough time to build up the relevant background knowledge partially through more formal presentations partially through reading.

The success of our Alumni speak for itself:

The quality of our training and support has to be measured by the career success of the former members of our group both in academia and industry.

Academia: Former post-docs and PhD students came from Germany (Igor) Australia (Mark), Ireland (Michael), UK (Paul), France (Jules, Olivier), Greece (Melina, Grigoris, Giannis), Mexico (Daniel), and India (Vinay). Some of them have now positions at U.o. Amsterdam and U.o. Cambridge (UK), professor ships at the University of Marseilles and the Ecole Normale Superieur in Paris. Igor went on to a Professorship in Nottingham, won the Maxwell-Medal and is now full Professor at the University of Tübingen.

Industry: One former student went on to head the optics section at a medical startup company in Switzerland. Our former Postdoc Paul Condylis became CTO of a large artificial intelligence company in Singapore being in charge of more than 40 programmers. He is now Head of Data Science at Tokopedia, an Indonesian e-commerce company valued at > 1bEU (= >10^9 Euros).

How to apply

Please send an email to Wolf von Klitzing containing

  • your cv
  • your university grades
  • a short letter of motivation laying out why you are interested in the topic