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Station Code: IACM
Network Code: HL
Site name: Heraklio
Latitude: 35.3058°N
Longitude: 25.0709°E
Elevation: 45 m
Station Code: NPS
Network Code: HL
Site name: Neapolis
Latitude: 35.2613°N
Longitude: 25.6103°E
Elevation: 288 m
Station Code: IDI
Network Code: MN/HL
Site name: Anogia
Latitude: 35.2880°N
Longitude: 24.8900°E
Elevation: 750 m
Station Code: SIVA
Network Code: HL
Site name: Sivas
Latitude: 35.0178°N
Longitude: 24.8120°E
Elevation: 96 m
Station Code: ZKR
Network Code: HL/GE
Site name: Zakros
Latitude: 35.1147°N
Longitude: 26.2170°E
Elevation: 270 m

Our Atomtronic PRL is published!

Our latest PRL entitled “Atomtronic Matter-Wave Lensing” has just been published in Physical Review Letters.
It has been featured as a synopsis in

Saurabh was the driving force behind this. He believed that this paper could go far and made sure that these great results get the attention it deserves.   The effort paid of — thanks and congratulations to the whole team!

Atomtronic Matter-Wave Lensing
Saurabh Pandey, Hector Mas, Georgios Vasilakis, and Wolf von Klitzing
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 170402 (2021)
Published April 28, 2021