PRL: Atomtronic Matter-Wave Lensing to pico-Kelvin temperatures

Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 170402 (2021)

S. Pandey, H. Mas, G. Vasilakis, and W. von Klitzing 

Our latest PRL entitled “Atomtronic Matter-Wave Lensing” has just been published in Physical Review Letters.
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In this Letter, we demonstrate magnetogravitational matter-wave lensing as a novel tool in atom-optics in atomtronic waveguides. We collimate and focus matter waves originating from Bose-Einstein condensates and ultracold thermal atoms in ring-shaped time-averaged adiabatic potentials. We demonstrate “delta-kick cooling” of Bose-Einstein condensates, reducing their expansion energies by a factor of 46 down to 800 pK. The atomtronic waveguide ring has a diameter of less than one millimeter, compared to other state- of-the-art experiments requiring zero gravity or free-flight distances of ten meters and more. This level of control with extremely reduced spatial requirements is an important step toward atomtronic quantum sensors.

A synopsis was published in Physics —

Figure 3 from the paper demonstrating cooling by a factor of XX down to the picokelvin (pK) level